Clean Sweep

Sometimes you have to break something to make the pieces fit together. That was certainly the case on Saturday when I set up my new mosaic studio in my parents' basement.

After 5 hours of moving furniture, dismantling and reinstalling shelves, sweeping, mopping and cursing, the Studio was finally done. (This included the small break I allowed myself to retrieve my birthday present from my sister next door, who was curious to know whether I was breaking all the plates in my parents' house)

However tired I was, I didn't want to leave. I wanted to stay behind and play with the small amount of glass shards I'd purchased last year, but by then it was getting late and I knew it would be pointless without any of the tools and supplies purchased.

Looking back, I'm shocked that my default laziness didn't kick in and derail the whole project.

I took a grainy cell phone pic, but it ended up looking like a creepy child molester's basement, so I won't post it here. I'll take a pic with my Nikon next week.

Monday I have the day off from work. What a perfect day to go supply shopping.

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