Hunting and Gathering

On Monday, I woke up and headed out to find some supplies downtown, reveling in the 60 degree weather. I headed for Tommy G, down on Leonard St. About a year ago, when I became interested in stained glass making, I found this place to be a veritable gold mine of products and information. Tommy gave me a quick primer on how to cut glass. I was very impressed.

I was so excited to pick up the things on my shopping list that I didn't even bother to call ahead, so when the store turned out to be closed, I had only myself to blame.

But they say everything happens for a reason, so I headed for Canal Street in search of Pearl Paint. To my surprise, they have a separate arts and crafts annex the next block over (42 Lispenard St). There I found some basic mosaic supplies, but of course, the coveted glass cutter was sold out (damn you, elusive glass cutter!). But I did pick up a tube of Weldbond, which I'm hearing is the perfect glue for glass mosaics, as well as two small glass bowls to mosaic, and a pair of protective goggles to avoid glass shrapnel flying into my eyes.

I headed back uptown to Home Depot on 23rd where I got a good deal on a tile nipper ($12.95), which is what I'll need to shape my cut pieces of tile. I used the Amex gift card I got from my sister to make this purchase. Total cost for tile nipper: $0.

At the Salvation Army on 23rd street, I picked up some nice glass items that I'll be experimenting on. But that will be after I try to revisit Tommy G. Rumor has it, he's open on Saturdays.

Check back soon for pictures of my studio in the making, as well as some of the great items that have been donated for future projects.

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