Preview: The Vallarta

Here are two crappy cell phone shots of my project, because I forgot to bring my camera with me to Astoria. I'm calling this design "The Vallarta," after my favorite vacation spot, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Here's the first side, completed last week. It measures approximately 2.5 inches square, so the pieces cut are approximately 1/4 inch square. Not bad for a newbie.

And two sides done, just this past Saturday. I was able to finish this side in about half the time.

I'm learning how to cut glass faster and cleaner, so this should be done soon. It just needs to be grouted and photographed.

I have a pair of grozing pliers coming to me in the mail. Those will allow me to shape the pieces without pathetically trying to sand them with the sanding stone I bought over the weekend.

3 comments: said...

Not bad for ur first project. Whats it gonna be?

Chris said...
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PDPB said...

an interesting craft.