Vallarta Preview 2: Glamor Shots

Now, I know you've all been waiting for some nice, hi-resolution shots of The Vallarta, sitting by your computers, crying, so here we go.

The first shot is of side three, nearing completion. The black dots are where I marked the glass before I cut it. They are easily removed with a little rubbing alcohol. The cotton balls were needed to hold it still while I worked. This is the best side to date, which tells me I'm learning something elusive called patience.

The second side, completed last week, is now dry. I love the way the Weldbond dries completely clear.

Here's a nice angle shot to give you a better idea of what the finished product will look like. With any luck, I'll be grouting this baby a week from now.

Below are the two new pieces I started while waiting for the other one to dry. I don't know if it was just me or the hangover, but those leaves were a bitch to cut. But I'm determined to perfect this design and develop my technique.


Hamamama said...

Meant to leave a comment yesterday when I saw your works of art. I am soooo impressed, Chris! I can just saw you on QVC selling your items -- pull your left ear to give a shout out to moi. In all seriousness, these look amazing - congrats!!

Chris said...
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Hamamama said...

I can just SEE* you on QVC, not saw you. :(