I'm BACK...

And I've got some exciting new pics to share.

Here is a rare shot of my work area. It's just as messy as you'd imagine, with shards of glass and tools everywhere. Just about the time I was telling myself that I'm getting a little reckless, I dropped my tile nippers, which knocked over a strip of blue glass and shattered it on the floor.

As you can see from the photo, I am working on another Vallarta. There are two in the pipeline (with a third that isn't coming out so great, but that's another story).

My technique involves cutting all the pieces at once and gently placing them in their spots. When I'm satisfied with the look of the piece, I remove each piece with a pair of tweezers (talk about tedious) and place them on the work surface, but spaced apart.

Then I spread some glue on that gray strip of glass at the bottom of the picture (the back of a strip of mirrored glass). Each piece is then lifted with the tweezers, dipped in the glue, then placed into position. If done systematically, it can take a few minutes to glue all the pieces. If done on a hangover... don't ask. Am I starting to sound like an alcoholic?

Even though the directions on the glue bottle swear that it will dry quickly, I like to shift gears and work on something else. (One day a week, yadda yadda yadda...)

I had this idea in my head for a while, but didn't know quite how to implement it. This is Moon Light. I threw it together with some pre-cut glass I bought a few weeks ago. The moon in the center was cut from a single piece of glass. It shattered on the first try, but I got it right after that. (The secret is to cut with slow and deliberate pressure)

The glass is not black, but, rather, several shades of purple.

I think it's a nice, clean design that would look great on a bar or in a cozy restaurant.

Now, onto my craziest piece yet. I wanted to make something using red and amber, but drew a blank when it came to design. I refuse to slap random colors on, grout it and call it a day. Anybody can do that.

Presenting, Solar Flair.

This came by accident. I was thinking of a sun-themed design down the road, so this was a welcome surprise. All the pieces were squares that I cut into triangles. To keep things orderly, I traced a circle out of cardboard (thank God I kept all my stencils from my high school days), taped it to the glass, and glued down the amber triangles around the edge. The red triangles were added randomly, and cut to fit to the edge.

It's important to note that the bumps on the glass aren't defects, but dried glue that will come right off when these are grouted. I've learned that it's best to just let everything dry, then scrape off the dried glue at the end.

If it seems like it's larger than the Vallarta, that's because it is, at three inches wide. Here are the two side by side for reference.

The problem I'm facing now is what to do about the center. After a disastrous attempt at a geometric design, I put it aside and worked on another side of the Vallarta. Sometimes you need to let things "cook".

And then I got this idea. What do you guys think? I threw these pieces in and took the picture, but I'm still deliberating it. The background would probably be blue, as I don't have any clear glass laying around.

As you can see, it was a very productive day. I even avoided cutting myself until the end of the day, when I stabbed myself in the middle finger with a large piece of glass. See you next week!


eleni said...

looks like the solar flair could be a 'sunrise vallarta'...you're getting really good at these designs...yay you!!!

Chris said...
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Hamamama said...

Wow! So impressive! I dont think I would have the patience to do this -- so I admire that even more about these pieces. They look awesome!

Chris said...
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