Grind House

Christmas came early this weekend as I opened up my new Gryphon Grinder. It was smaller than I expected, which is always a good thing. Setup was very easy, save for some out-of-sequence directions.

Since this grinder is water-cooled, it took some time to work out the kinks. After the water tower is filled, it slowly leaks out into the sponge, which in turn cools the grinding head as you work. It also aids in the actual grinding, and eliminates dust (though I did see shards of glass fly about). I took this picture at the end of the day. The sponge had turned black from friction or just dirt, so I turned it upside down to use the other end.

The used water is collected in a bin below the working surface grid, which also collects tiny bits of glass that would otherwise cut into you as you work. When the bin fills to a certain height, it begins to overflow (much the way your bathroom sink does) into a hole connected to a small hose at the side of the machine.

A clear tube is provided to aid in carrying the water away. It's up to the user to provide something to collect it.

So I used this vase.

The frustration came when I tried to grind the edge of a circle I cut last week. This particular piece of glass refused to be cut, so the result was annoyingly jagged, no matter how hard or soft I pressed. I tried over and over, but to no avail. The end result is pictured below, next to a piece of green glass that came out just fine. Maybe circles will have to wait.

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