Vallarta Redesigned, Mission and Deco Debut

When I arrived in Astoria this weekend, I couldn't wait to start grouting my finished pieces. I was very excited to see how the glue dried on the Solar Flair. To my disappointment, the answer was, "barely." As I wondered how long the glue might take to dry, (two weeks? three? forever?) I remembered a comment someone made online about putting their pieces in the oven to dry. I didn't have an oven, but I did have a microwave.

I filled the Solar Flair halfway with water (so it wouldn't shatter), then nuked it on and off for about five minutes. The glue basically fried, and I ended up with this:

Oddly enough, the center looks like the surface of the actual sun. I am hoping that it will eventually dry completely. I left it in the sun to dry while I turned my attention to something else.

I decided that I'd start a new Solar Flair. I cut out an octagon and pressed it into place to squeeze out any extra glue that might take a month to dry. I all but pressed the piece through to the other side. If I learned anything this week, it was, "work from the inside out." Working from the outside in basically creates a trap for the glue and it has nowhere to go, so never dries.

Next, I picked up the Penn, anxious to complete the first side. I discovered that somehow, the pieces moved out of position while drying. There was no way I was going to leave them be and continue working on it. Below is last week's picture. The pieces with the red dots were the ones I pried off (angrily), then re glued, pressing them tight into place. I threw it in the microwave to "flash dry" the glue to keep the pieces from floating out of position.

While that dried, I turned my attention something I could manage without feeling like a total failure: my Window. This design turned out to be easy to finish and I have the feeling this will be in high demand. Unfortunately, I think it needs a better name. "Window" is such a stupid, generic name. Any suggestions?

What kind of artist would I be if I didn't experiment? I came up with not one, but two new designs this week. This first one is inspired by a Mission Style light fixture. The design might be a little simplistic, but the warm color more than makes up for it. I guess I need a few simple designs to counter the Vallarta and the Solar Flair.

If there's one thing I love, it's Art Deco. I have been dying to create an Art Deco style piece. I created this one on my computer as well to see if all the pieces would work. MS Word is excellent for this. I'm planning on using the same color from the Mission (above) to fill in the rest of the space. You have no idea how hard this was to photograph.

Despite the success of creating two new designs, I felt that something else needed to be resolved. The Vallarta, nice as it is, can be very time consuming and tedious to complete. So I decided to give it a quick redesign, keeping the tree, but using more irregular pieces for the background, instead of the maddening little squares. I think this is a lot more fun and carefree.

As you can see, I didn't get any grouting done, since I ran out of time. I'm going away for the Memorial Day holiday, so I won't be updating next week. See you on June 2nd!

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