It was a very productive week here at Shards of Glass. The Moon Light is done, as is the second Vallarta. After finishing the last side of my third Vallarta (and vowing to never do another), I set my sights on the Solar Flair. I cut out another circle, but with the same crappy results. This time, I thought I'd cut the circle into rays to give the center some visual interest. Unfortunately, cutting the circle only gave it the appearance of a dropped pizza pie, so I nixed it.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the best. I decided an octagon would fit nicely. I only had to cut a square, then remove the corners. I slapped on all four octagons and set it aside to dry.The glass in the center is actually clear, but the glue gives it a cloudy appearance.

Knowing that I would have to let the Solar Flair dry for at least a week, I set my sights on a new design. This one was inspired by an antique stained glass window.

I've found that MS Word comes in handy when you want to play around with colors before setting to work.

Now is where things get a little nuts. This is another design I've been thinking about for a few months. I thought I'd give it a go, since I can cut curves with ease. I just can't do circles. (Damn circles.)

This one is inspired by an interior photo of the original Penn Station (though this classic window design is relatively common today).

With this design, I really wanted to get it right the first time, so I sketched a full-sized template for it. A template can really speed things along. As with the Solar Flair, the cloudy appearance of the glass can be blamed on the glue, which will dry clear. This one should be incredible. I'm thinking of doing the surrounding areas in white glass, to give it the appearance of marble or stone.

(Below) My inventory is exploding. I'll have a lot of messy grouting to do next week! Stay tuned!


Hamamama said...

Wow! Good job! I love the "Penn Station" mosaic - that is awesome. Love the colors choices for Moonlight - very mod squad. Congrats!

Chris said...
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Hamamama said...

Just wondering, when will "Shards of Glass" have a SHOP section? :)

Chris said...
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eleni said...

you've come a long way, baby...can't wait to see them!