Making Up for Lost Time

Sorry for going so long without an update. Here are the latest developments. Hold your hats.

Here is a rare shot of some pieces being grouted. The flash on this camera makes the grout appear gray, when it really is black.

I did these four Americanas for my sister, in time for the July 4th holiday. She loved them.

On the left is a completed Vallarta 2.0, and on the right is A Day at the Beach, which showcases my improved attention to detail and cutting accuracy.

Here are some more new pieces. I'm churning them out faster than ever.

Some of the best ideas come out when I experiment. I was playing around with different color combinations, when I came up with this yellow and brown checkerboard design. It has a retro feel, like a 60's tablecloth. I call it "Checkered Past."

Also available in blue.

This design is inspired by the brick wall in my apartment. I call it Exposed Brick. As you can see, I like naming my designs immediately. The fun part about this piece is that it can be a little sloppy and still be funky and cool. I threw a few yellow pieces in there to give it some character.

More experimentation. The six pieces I grouted left me with an empty bottle of grout, so I decided to try a design that would need no grout at all. This is simply sea glass glued to the side. When illuminated, it beams all over the place. Gorgeous. I call it "On the Rocks."

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