Etsy Preview: Three Piece Sets

Here are some pictures of the first two three-piece-sets to be completed.

This purple one is a birthday gift for my sister, although I am in the process of making more of them, due to high demand. It's truly stunning.

Scroll down to see the same design in red.

The great thing about these sets is that they can be arranged in a number of ways: grouped together, spread apart or scattered around the room. You can pair the center piece with one of the smaller pieces for an asymmetrical look.

I've listed this red one on It is $50.

If you want to get in on the action before they go on sale to the general public, keep coming back here to the Shards of Glass blog. If you see something you like, email me at and I can put it aside for you. Also, please leave a comment here on Shards of Glass so that I can look out for your email.

It beats fighting the crowds.


The Pansy Bastard™ said...
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The Pansy Bastard™ said...

Those are gorgeous!

(Why does blogger not have a built-in spell checker??)

Chris said...

If you use Firefox, you can see the little red line under words that are misspelled when writing your comment.