It's Feedback Time Again

I've decided to play around with orange. Here are three different color combinations that I've come up with for a new three-piece set.

In this first version, I decided to put just one stripe of orange because it's such a powerful color and I didn't want it to overwhelm the piece and look too "Halloweenish".


Here, I added orange to the top and bottom, in the same manner as my previous striped models. This gives it more of a sense of balance.


Now here is where you need to pay attention. This third variant may look identical to the image above, but I've taken the sand color (top and bottom stripe of the first one) and inserted it where the almond color was.

There's more contrast this way, but I just can't make up my mind.


What do you think? A, B, or C? I like hearing your feedback. So far, two out of two people have told me to go with B or C.


Hamamama said...
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Hamamama said...

I love them all! When I first saw A, I loved it because it reminded me of a creamsicle. YUM. But then I liked B & C because of the extra color. So really, I am of no help at all - they're all beautiful. Nice work, Mr. Shards!! Do you have a studio?

Chris said...

Thank you, Ms. Hamamama. I appreciate your feedback and food references.