New Stripes!

Here are five new mosaics that are in the drying stage.

This first one is a 3 inch cube that I did as a special order. She had requested Tuscany colors, so I used orange, amber, olive and smokey amber. The amber and olive glass are textured waterglass.

The Tuscany design got me thinking about those earthy colors, so I played around with them, this time adding cream and omitting the orange. "Tuscany 2.0" is 2.5 inches square.

This is my favorite piece. The main color is white, but I've thrown in a bit of color. In this case, lime green and smokey amber. It's crisp, clean and summery. "White Stripes" could spawn its own collection, so I'm thinking of going that route if this becomes popular.

Here's another color combination I've been waiting to do for a long time. Lilac, light blue, teal, and sand come together to create a color scheme I call "Under the Sea."

This is Teal Stripe, with some amber and cream thrown in for contrast. This teal glass lights up beautifully, so I use it any chance I get.

I will post more pictures once these are all grouted.

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