Embossed Butterfly

Since the economy still sucks and sales aren't what I thought they'd be, I'm trying something new: metal embossing.

Here are all the tools that come with the starter kit I ordered from Delphiglass.com. Also included (but not shown) is a great book with everything you need to know from beginning to end. Please excuse the filthy desk, made filthy by months of grouting mosaics.

The kit comes with three pieces of aluminum and three pieces of copper. I selected the aluminum for my first try.

The first thing you do is tape your piece to the metal. You then take the stylus (which is like a pen without ink) and trace around the design.

Here is how the other side looks after you're done.

You then remove the paper and use the teflon stylus to re-trace the lines to give them depth.

Using the various tools and two mats, you will work the metal on either side to give it detail and character.

I had intended to make this for my mother as a gift, but towards the end, I punched a hole in the metal by pressing too hard.

I'll have to start again from scratch with another piece of foil, but I learned a lot in just one night.

There are so many great pros when it comes to metal embossing:
1. It's quiet. There's no breaking of glass.
2. It's fast. No waiting for glue to try and a piece can be finished in one day.
3. It's cleaner. No grouting, gluing
4. It's safer. There are no tiny shards of glass to worry about cutting yourself on, although the metal edges are something to watch out for.

I'm in no way giving up Shards of Glass, but I have plans to incorporate these two mediums in future creations.

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Hamamama said...

what in the world -- where did all these talents come from? i love those!